lunedì 19 dicembre 2011

10.30: salt beef sandwich and mash with parsley sauce

i've just scanned this new work i started in london last week. here are some drafts. the title of this post comes from the food marco paltrinieri and i had in a small coffee place in all saints, together with other working class men and a young couple. more photographs to come.

martedì 22 novembre 2011

giovedì 17 novembre 2011

working on this...

i don't know the name of this new project, yet. anyway it concerns the relationship between things and memories, all linked to the geography of home and the actual things themselves. this is a little part of it, come out of a pleasant  rendezvous with nuvola

lunedì 7 novembre 2011

Anna Positano in Designer Travel Genoa

In these hard days for my hometown, Genova, this video comes up like a cup of tea at the end of a cold day. Hence I would like to thank a lot the director, Ross Close, the super cool Daon Broni and the cameramen. All best, guys!

mercoledì 5 ottobre 2011

guardare | maddalena: postcard

join the programme!

new italian internet law...

this is definitely off topic, compared to my previous posts. anyway this is a blog and likewise other blogs it might be affected by the insane internet law which has just passed by the italian parliement. this decree not only is medieval, but also violates the basic human rights - amongs them the freedom of speech - and is just a cover up for typically italian dirt. please find what boing boing says about.

lunedì 3 ottobre 2011

progetto QD updates!

please, find progetto QD's new photos! my updates from genova are here, but have a look to the other cities and cool photographers. personally i really enjoyed this one, by alessandro sambini: this looks like leland palmer from twin peaks!

venerdì 30 settembre 2011

guardare | maddalena, an educational programme.

i am pleased to announce the call for artists for the educational programme guardare | maddalena. nuove topografie ad 'altra' fedeltà. the programme is open to ten young photographers (18-29) and aspires to form them through collective lectures and workshops and the development of individual projects on the genoese hisorical neighborhood maddalena. I am in charge to curate this, together with giacomo bagni and other cool professionals around italy. the programme is funded by comune di genova and organized by cultural association disorderdrama.

for more information please check or download the full call for artist.

mercoledì 14 settembre 2011

new photographs on europaconcorsi

today my photos appear on the homepage of europaconcorsi, the architects' social network.
in spring i had the chance to do a nice shooting of neostudio's winning project for a beautiful piazza in tuscany. here you can find the images of the piazza on europaconcorsi.

martedì 13 settembre 2011

anna positano on iris

here is my page on iris, a website created by loughborough university.

one of their mottos:
"The way that photography can be used not only to record space and place but can be used as a tool for empowerment."

uh, one of my pictures is on their homepage...

my photographs on domus

i am really pleased to announce the presence of my photographs on the website of one of the most influential architecture magazine, domus.
my photographs portray the outstanding site specific installation of the spanish collective penique productions.

here is the link to the news on domus.

sala dogana: the venue before penique productions intallation

sala dogana: penique productions installation

mercoledì 7 settembre 2011

a nice collective project in the form of the blog

i don't know if i've already posted progetto qd. anyway, check it out. this is a collective project of 15 photographers around italy, who describe and interpret the territory through their own biographies.
it is on at forma galleria, milan, until the end of september if you wish to see it.

martedì 30 agosto 2011

photo on casa amica

pleased to announce that last saturday casa amica featured the (beautiful and built) dissertation of amedeo scofone and riccardo rossi, graduates from genoa's faculty of architecture, on page 66. the photograph illustrating the article is mine. well done, guys!

the last two days...

for you to visit my personal show Growth at CHAN!
it will be closing on 1st september. hurry up! :)

martedì 16 agosto 2011

CHAN - Genova

installation view of my exhibition at CHAN gallery - genova.
you can visit it till 1st september 2011. please check their website before you go.

my work on photovogue

anna positano on photovogue

when the unexpected happens. michael van horne, director of the image archive at the ny photo agency art + commerce, wrote such nice things on my work and i didn't know...

first post

hello there,
my name is anna positano, i'm an architecture and landscape photographer (and, yeah, an architect as well). this journal will keep you updated on my new work, scraps, exhibitions, projects and so on. please have a look at my website, in the meanwhile.