martedì 17 luglio 2012

new show, opening on 21st july 2012 in clavesana

i am glad to invite you all to my personal exhibition, curated by anna daneri and organized by cultural association angelo ruga. this is called luoghi delle memorie (places of memories). it contains four projects: two of them are print-based, while the others are slideshows. luoghi delle memorie is my introduction to this territory, where i am going to be artist in residence next autumn.

come over (not just for the exhibition, but for many other reasons: tasty food, supergood wine, beautiful landscapes, amazing peole...)!

card designed by 
card designed by


Anna Positano
curated by Anna Daneri

21-22 july 2012
private view on saturday 21st july h 17:00

Associazione Culturale Angelo Ruga
piazza Vittorio Emanuele 9, Clavesana Capoluogo CN
tel. +39 0173 790448

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